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The Pleasure Principle According to APPI Pool & Spa

There really is no limit to how much pleasure you can have in a pool or spa by APPI. What better way to celebrate a gloriously sunny day than with a perfect gainer off the high board. Followed by resounding cheers from the peanut gallery, also known as mom and the kids, down at the shallow end. And as the afternoon winds down,what better way to satisfy hungry appetites at poolside than with wild salmon and asparagus spears on the grill. Then later,with the kids off to bed, maybe swim a few laps under the light of the moon. Followed by the two of you in the hot tub with a local Pinot Noir contemplating the Universe and toasting a life well lived.

Our Mission

At APPI Pool & Spa, our success is driven by our passion. Passion derived from knowing that when a client signs on the proverbial dotted line with APPI, it’s not the completion of a transaction. It’s the beginning of a relationship based on that client putting their trust in us, whether it’s for a swimming pool purchase, swimming pool construction, swimming pool cleaning service, to buy a new spa, spa maintenance services, or countless other swimming pool and spa related products and services offered by APPI Pool & Spa.

Almost no other product we can think of requires expert attention performed in a more precise and timely manner than swimming pool maintenance, and spa cleaning and repair. The level at which a well maintained swimming pool is able to enhance a family’s leisure time borders on the magical. And at APPI Pool & Spa, we are committed to doing everything necessary to keep the magic alive on an ongoing basis. So when it comes to performing regularly scheduled swimming pool service, maintenance, or repair and spa maintenance, our team of dedicated, expertly trained and licensed technicians doesn’t just meet expectations, we exceed them by being consistently punctual and always striving for perfection.We are also the pool and spa leader in terms of offering swimming pool products, such as swimming pool filters, swimming pool covers, swimming pool chemicals, swimming pool accessories, plus spa supplies, spa accessories and other spa parts. Find out more about APPI Pool & Spa.