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Commercial Pools

We are Santa Cruz County’s leading commercial pool and spa company, providing high quality swimming pool construction, spa sales and supplies, swimming pool maintenance and spa cleaning services to a wide range of hotels and motels in our county’s hospitality industry. And to this area’s property management firms and condominium complexes as well. Our highly trained, fully licensed swimming pool professionals and spa experts provide these clients with what they value most: a quality of service that is thorough, dependable and consistently punctual.

Commercial Pools

Commercial Pool Care

With tourism being one of the leading industries in Santa Cruz County, APPI Pool & Spa is uniquely qualified to handle the wide range of service, repair and maintenance options hotels and motels depend on to ensure the pleasure and comfort of their guests.

Just by volume of use, we realize that swimming pool upkeep is far more demanding for the hospitality industry that for residential homes. Filter, cleaning, chemicals, water conditioning are all an ongoing challenge at the height of the tourist season. This is where we shine and your water sparkles. Our office staff, service and repair technicians are all thoroughly trained to specifically manage our hotel and motel clients’ pool service needs in the most efficient, pro-active manner possible.

And for those same reasons, APPI Pool & Spa is also the favorite of property management companies and condominium complexes throughout Santa Cruz County.