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Commercial Spas

Any successful hotel or motel in Santa Cruz County will tell you, quality is not an option when it comes to hot tubs and spas. It’s an absolute necessity. Repeat business means everything to an institution in the hospitality industry. Visiting families coming to the same hotel or motel season after season is the formula for success. And one of the important criteria for that is a clean well functioning spa.

To ensure that happens, more and more hotels and motels turn to APPI Pool & Spa for our expertise and quality of hot tubs and spas, and for incomparable spa products and services on an ongoing basis.

Commercial Spas

Commercial Spa Care

There’s a reason why APPI Pool & Spa is the number one service provider for commercial spa maintenance. We are quite simply the best. Hotels, motels, tub rental facilities, and HOAs in Santa Cruz County will not settle for anything less.

Our team understands that for a commercial facility to be successful depends on a clean, well functioning hot tub or spa, so we are dedicated to making sure that happens. We also make it a point to offer service that combines minimal interference with maximum enjoyment for your guests. Which makes APPI the number one choice of property management firms and HOAs for spa services in this area as well.