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Variable Frequency Pool Pumps

Why to use Variable Frequency Pool Pumps

Reduce your energy expense by 75% or more - instead of repairing or replacing your fixed speed pump in kind - replace it with a quiet variable speed unit.

Variable speed and multi-speed pumps offer many benefits over traditional pool pumps. By regulating the speed of the electric motor by controlling frequency and voltage, the amount of power delivered to the motor is regulated. The primary benefit is the ability to save a substantial amount of energy during pool pump operation. Variable speed pool pumps are a green solution to a decades old problem.

Electric motors are a huge load on our electrical grid. In fact, each state in our sunbelt could save the energy generated on average of two power plants if every pool was converted to a multi-speed or variable speed pool pump.

Pool owners would benefit by saving hundreds of dollars and in some cases over thousands per year. It's no surprise that variable speed pool pumps are one of the wisest choices of products to consider in the pool industry.

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