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LED Pool Lights

Why to use LED Pool Lights

Forget about your parents' pool and spa lighting! APPI gives you gorgeous LED lighting options to help you create a unique outdoor environment. Whether you’re in the mood for a peaceful relaxing retreat or a more lively feel, you can create a backyard ambiance that is uniquely you.

LED Pool and Spa lights are the most efficient lighting you can buy for your pool and or Spa. LED pool lights use 80% less energy when compared to other pool and spa lighting.

LED pool lights will allow you to use the normal white light or you can also display a wide variety of colors for your pool. Color changing LED pool lights are comparable to the Fiber optics found in other pools, but will also save you money on your energy bill. We also offer retrofit solutions to replace that failed or unsafe existing lighting system that you have with state of the art LED technology.

Water chemistry control systems

One of the greatest challenges we face as pool owners is maintaining the water chemistry of the pool. We know that when this chemistry is right on life is easy, the pool looks great, water is sparkling – everyone is happy. When it isn’t smiles disappear quickly. Consider an automatic system that cares for the water chemistry every moment of every day regardless of swim load or environment load your water stays right where it’s suppose to keeping those smiles on everyone’s faces.

Integrated automatic control systems

So you have the variable speed pump, you’ve got the LED lighting, you’ve got the chemistry control system – now how about a simple device that puts it all together that you can control from your desktop, your smart phone, a touch screen on the terrace, or even just with a really focused thought? The first three we can do – simplify your life with an integrated control system that offers status and control at a touch and a glance.

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