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Institutional Pools

As the saying goes, membership has its privileges. One of those being expertly maintained pools and spas. Which is why health and rehab facilities, gymnasiums, and educational institutions throughout Santa Cruz County rely on APPI for all their swimming pool products and spa products, including custom built swimming pools, hot tubs, swimming pool maintenance services, spa maintenance services, swimming pool repair and spa repair.

Institutional Pools

Institutional Pool Care

Owners of health and rehab facilities, gymnasiums and educational institutions need to provide the best for their patients, members and students or risk losing them. And in order to deliver on that, their swimming pools and spas need to be operating at peak efficiency at all times.

Filter, cleaning, chemicals, water conditioning are an ongoing challenge 24/7. With over 40 years of experience in institutional pool care, APPI Pool & Spa is uniquely qualified to meet that challenge. Our office staff and service technicians are all expertly trained to deliver unmatched service on schedule and in an absolutely punctual manner. Whether it is on our own or collaborating with your operator it’s our purpose to get the job done and save you money in the process.

We also treat each institutional client as being totally unique and provide personalized, custom designed service to meet their specific needs. We don’t believe in down time. We believe that with sufficient proactive efforts – there is no down time.