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“I have an older SPA that had been sitting empty for about three years. When I filled it back up, I discovered it had a leak that needed to be repaired. Living on the Santa Cruz side of the hill, I found it really hard to find anybody to even come out and look at it. What is more, I was worried that, given its age, it would not be worth repairing. I even contacted the company that originally sold it to me, and they weren’t interested in the business, but were happy to sell me a new one if I wanted.

I contacted APPI after reading a positive review and they didn’t disappoint. They came out that weekend, and to my horror, they discovered that a rodent had taken up residence in the foam and chewed through tubing and some electrical wires. I would not have blamed them if they had just said “Sorry, I think it is a lost cause”, but he soldiered on through. What is better, the bill for the service was exceptionally reasonable. I was preparing myself for something around three times what he eventually charged. These guys are a good, hard working, honest bunch.”

– Druce M., Aptos CA

“APPI Pool and Spa carries everything you need for your pool and spa care. Their staff is very knowledgeable and friendly and really take the time to explain what you need to know to keep your pool in tip-top shape. Plus, they even handle beautiful poolside decks for your home. I would highly recommend them!”

– Lauren Spencer, Aptos CA

I have used APPI pool and spa many times over the last several years. Most recently they ordered a custom cover and cover operator (arm) for my hot tub. The staff called as soon as it arrived and it fits like a glove. I always recommend them to friends and family that have a pool or spa.

– Rudy M., Watsonville CA